Rich Text

The Rich Text Field, sometimes called WYSIWYG, is a powerful Content Editor tool that comes out-of-the-box for all Hygraph projects. Add the Rich Text Editor to any content piece through the intuitive Schema Builder, and ensure your Content Teams have maximum flexibility to create, edit, and manipulate the text and images easily within one single space within the content.

Rich Text
  • The interface - It's slick. Intuitive and best of all, rapid fast. You can get exactly what you need done in a fraction of the time for other headless CMS about.

    Doug S. Product Consultant
  • Intuitive UX which is helpful for non-technical content creators.

    Moritz GIT Consultant
  • Our team uses Hygraph to push breaking news stories to our project's webpage. The project is a part of a large non-profit initiative and the goal is to feature current content (news stories, celebrity endorsements). Authors are able to quickly add content to the CMS without sacrificing the high quality our readers expect.

    Matthew F. Manager, Social Good
  • We are building heavily for mobile devices, so using GraphQL for our content APIs is really helping our app performance. Our developers also love the code autocomplete function and the self-generated API documentation in the API Explorer. Quite intuitive UI for business users."" Markus H. CEO"

    Markus H.CEO
  • Integrated GraphQL Playground is very helpful when developing and debugging.

    Pascal F.Software-Entwickler

Inline Embeds

Inline Embeds give Content Creators maximum flexibility to add references or relations directly within the text so they can move faster. This also clears up clutter around content creation, so they are able to add things like authors, citations, product attributes and more without having to add extra fields within the content entry.

Learn how to Enable Embeds

Block Embeds

To give Content Creators more flexibility with less clutter, our Rich Text Editor allows Block Embeds for all models. Use Block Embeds to insert assets and other models inside the text as a block. This can be useful when adding images like logos, or referencing audiences to previous created material that support the new content item like blog posts, documents, announcements, etc.

Learn how to Enable Embeds

React Rich Text Renderer

Hygraph allows its technical users the ability to render documents and content items using Rich Text in your application, easily. This project is open-source, and we encourage users to contribute to the development and help with bug fixes, issues, or feature requests. Explore the repo on GitHub or NPM.

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HTML to Rich Text Converter

For teams looking to import existing HTML into Hygraph, it is possible using our Hygraph Rich Text Converter. The Hygraph Rich Text Editor uses and defines its own schema on top of it. The package generates an AST that compiles to a compatible Hygraph Rich Text Schema found on GitHub and NPM.

Explore the GitHub Repo