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The team consists of tech industry veterans with over 60 years combined experience in software architecture, machine learning, and product management. They have previously worked at some of the internet's biggest players, and have seen the challenges faced by many companies and individuals when it comes to efficiently producing effective web content. was started partly out of necessity, partly out of frustration. Writing alternative text for images is a requirement when it comes to creating a modern website — both for SEO reasons and accessibility concerns — yet there was nothing available that could do this automatically. founders realized that AI models are finally good enough to automate this job and no longer require the need of a human copywriter.

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Crowdin is a cloud-based localization platform for teams and companies. A single place to manage all your multilingual content. It allows users to localize apps, websites, games, emails, docs, blogs, and more, and supports over 40 file formats, from json files to csv and properties files. You can order professional translation services, work with in-house translators, pre-translate content with MT engines or engage your community into the translation process. You can try out different approaches and combine them within your projects.

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