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Hygraph Features

All the capabilities needed by enterprises, engineering and content teams, to build exceptional digital experiences.

Features available in Hygraph

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Enjoy the flexibility of establishing content models, reusable components, and references through the UI or programmatically with the SDK.

Features to help structure content in Hygraph


Enable content teams to efficiently create, edit, and collaborate on content at a large scale with advanced features at their disposal.

Rich capabilities to edit content in Hygraph


All the necessary tools to effortlessly organize, manage, and publish content allowing content operators to achieve maximum productivity and effectiveness.

Features for content management in Hygraph


Enrich existing content with additional information from other systems, or unify multiple APIs into one GraphQL endpoint.

Features to source external content into Hygraph


Set up how team members operate within the system, with fine grain permissions, custom workflows and content stages.

Features to define the boundaries of content management in Hygraph


Easily translate, publish and manage content from different languages in one place.

Localization features in Hygraph


Features to empower engineering teams to expedite development and build omnichannel digital experiences, iterate and launch capabilities much faster.

Developer tools to build frontend applications in Hygraph


Tools to extend platform capabilities, integrate with other systems and tailor the UI to suit your business requirements.

Features for platform extensions in Hygraph


Scalable infrastructure and capabilities to enable you to build faster applications that support large volumes of traffic.

Scalability features in Hygraph


Hygraph is SOC 2 Type 2 and GDPR compliant and offers hosting on ISO 27001 certified infrastructure. We offer all the required features to ensure security and compliance to guarantee your peace of mind.

Security features offered in Hygraph

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