Hygraph emerges as "Most Preferred" Headless CMS in "State of Jamstack 2021" Report

Ronak Ganatra
Ronak Ganatra
Christopher Kühn
Christopher Kühn

Jun 11, 2021

State of Jamstack 2021.png

Kentico surveyed 750 developers in Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia for their "State of Jamstack" report in 2021. The purpose of this report was to gather thoughts on the Jamstack, the maturity of the framework, and understand how developers' work is impacted by switching to the Jamstack.

The “State of the Jamstack 2021” report surveyed 750 developers worldwide, currently working with the Jamstack, of which 39% attribute performance as the main reason for adopting the Jamstack. The leading choices were security (45%) and cost-effectiveness (42%). In contrast, performance led the list at 52% in the 2020 study.

When it came for the respondents to select their preferred location for storing content, the responses were well split between local files, cloud-based documents, and Headless CMS.

Hygraph for Content

38% opted for Google Docs, with Hygraph coming in second at 24%, as the leading Headless CMS. Other Headless CMS on the list included ButterCMS (17%), Netlify CMS (16%), Contentstack (16%), DatoCMS (15%), Contentful (13%), and Sanity (12%) among others.

According to the report, 43% of respondents opted for Google Docs in 2020, dropping 5% in 2021, as more Jamstack friendly tools appeared. Hygraph was chosen among developers in midsize to large companies, particularly from within the IT industry.

Download the full report here.

(Chart Credit: Kentico Kontent, State of Jamstack 2021)